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I`m a pro-photographer since 2009. I really love what I do because photo is not only my profession - it`s my life-style. I always to do my best for you - whatever and wherever.I based in  Ukraine and also available in Europe. I offer only convenient solutions to my clients - ready "all-inclusive" packages or "buffet style" packages when you pick services that you need.

Any photo, like wedding, romantic, baby, family or else - bring emotions, loveliness, light mood and exceptionality. All that professional means. This day bring to us a modern photo - important part of our life, like a sport, travelling, music or reading. But, photo could be a different too. Like "haute-couture" cuisine from Michelin tagged Chef, or just a fast-food thing. I leave on your photos a feast, and if you look on that photos, you can feel yourself inside of this great day. Photography for me - it`s not only profession, it`s art. Main rule of my job - trust. My clients absolutely trust me, like I trust them. I positively can say, that most of my clients are my good friends). My clients - for me not just a word, they are the foundation of our common success. I will not bore you with the long-time alignment of the composition and static shooting. Photography, like a real life - dynamic, each one with its own unique story. Your story. Sincerely yours, Max Burnashev 

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 Let`s play? Want to check, how good you are in photography? May be, this is your hidden talent? This is simple DSLR simulator, that can help you to know how it works, shooting modes, some simple things, that were too sophisticated? If you think to buy a DSLR camera, this game for you! Click on image below ↓↓↓ Good luck!?

DSLR camera game

See the video
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I based in Kyiv, but also available everywhere in Europe and Ukraine. If  you want to contact me, drop a line and I`ll answer you as soon as I can.

Ukraine, all destinations in Europe

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+38 098.458.9782 (Viber/Whatsapp/Telegram)

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