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I`m a pro-photographer since 2009. I really love what I do  because photo - it`s not only  my profession - it`s my life-style. I always to do my best for you - whatever and wherever. I am based in Ukraine, but also available  in Europe. I offer only convenient solutions to my clients - "all-inclusive" packages or "buffet style" packages when you pick services that you need.


Wedding photo - video

New wedding photo and video shooting packs now available for order in Ukraine, Poland and EU.

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Studio photoset

We offer amazing photoset in new variable interior studios in Kyiv. Makeup included!

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Wedding photobooks

You can always find a good place for a original and stylish photobook in your home.

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Love story

Away plein air set for couple 
  • 3 hour set on plein air
  • Romantic photoset for couple
  • Scenic locations
  • 50 -100 full-edited photos
  • 200-250 color corrected photos
  • Preview from 15 photos on the next day
  • All photos will be ready in 3-4 weeks
  • HD slide-show
  • Photobook mini 20*20

300 €



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Wedding photoset 
  • Full-day reportage
  • Plein-air photoset any day prior, wedding or after
  • 1 photographer
  • 800-1000 color-corrected photos
  • Wedding story from 120-150 full-edited photos
  • Preview from 30 photos on the next day after wedding
  • All photos will be ready in 3-4 weeks
  • HD slide-show 3-5 min.
  • Photobook 30*30, 30 pages

1200 €




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Wedding photo&video
  • Full-day photo& video
  • Plein-air set any day prior, wedding or after
  • 1 photo and 1 video teamwork with drone
  • 800-1000 color corrected photos
  • Wedding story from 120-150 full-edited photos
  • Preview from 50 photos on the next day after wedding
  • All photos will be ready in 3-4 weeks
  • HD slide-show, clip 3-5 min.
  • Photobook 30*30, 30 pages

2200 €



Wedding Photo And Video

Свадебный фотограф Киев

Wedding photoone of the most popular genres in the modern photography. However, to impress a couple and their friends with the brilliant photos, special knowledge and professional skills are required. Wedding Photographer is a person whose primary mission lies in achieving your excitement and great memories of this important life event. Nowadays many people have good cameras and can take photos but not many can catch true emotions and the unique atmosphere of this special day, and then reflect it in the photo. I work on my own or together with the team of the talented photographer and videographer. We give our attention not only to a couple but also to every guest at the wedding party. We genuinely believe that each Wedding has its icing on the cake – if not, we`ll make a moment and catch it. We film reportage and stage, and take into account your wishes and special requests.


Love Story And Engagement Photo

Love story Киев

Love story photography - is a good occasion to get new emotions, show your feelings and keep them in photos. Mainly, it is a mix of reportage and stage photos taken at picturesque locations in a relaxed atmosphere without any rush. Love Story photoset can be hold pre-wedding or after-wedding, as well as it can be simply presented like an unhacked gift to your sweetheart or friends any time of the year. There is a great choice of nice locations to fit any tastes. Your Love Story photos can be used for a fabulous slide show presented during the Wedding. In addition, they definitely will keep your warm memories for many-many years. I will help you to relax and look natural during the photoset. Professionals will help you to make a nice makeup and décor of your location and bouquet. Let`s make this pictures special!


Family And Baby Photo

Семейная фотосессия в Киеве

Every family treasures its family photos as the ever-living source of love and tenderness. What do you feel when you look at your family, kids, or parents’ photo? Most likely, you feel joy and happiness. Family photos display emotions first of all and only then you pay attention to the light, composition, color, etc. Emotions can’t be replayed that’s why photos with your special emotions captured are so precious. Family photoset can be organized in different formats including Baby Photo. Welcome to family photoset.



Фотосессия в студии Киев

Portrait has been a very popular photography genre for ages. Portrait photosets can be hold on plain air or in a studio. I can find lots of nice photostudios for you with lovely interiors and both natural or electric light. Treat yourself with a pleasure of having a portrait if not a feeling of being a Queen/Princess with a beautiful makeup and hair-style trying different looks? As a result – you get stylish and original portraits, and lovely musical slide show.


Pregnancy Photography

Фотосессия для беременных Киев

Every woman becoming a mom remembers her pregnancy period with love and special tenderness. Photos definitely make these memories brighter – and not only for her. Creating the atmosphere of waiting for a miracle, catching loving glances and smiles – and many other pro tricks make Pregnancy photosets lovely and memorable. Very often after being a Wedding photographer I am invited to take pregnancy photos, then christening and other family events. In such way becoming a Family photographer I am happy to observe how the feelings are getting stronger and tenderer in these families. Let`s fix these sweet moments in your photos!



Изготовление свадебных фотокниг Киев

Modern digital photo turned our devices into photo-banks with gigs of photos. And we often don’t have enough time to arrange them and put in order. Remember – the best photos deserve to be printed! And you deserve to have them just right under your hand when you want to show them to your friends or simply to look through yourselves. I can help you with it, and offer a nice-looking, stylish and unique photobook. It will be created in a modern design and of your favorite photos. It can be a, wedding photobook or a family album, or a photobook with photos of your child, or photos of your pregnancy. And it can be even an insta-book – photobook made of the pictures from your Instagram! I can offer you a wide choice of photobooks – from standard to originally-designed. The prices are pretty loyal!


Why Me?

Услуги свадебного фотографа Киев

Why you should choose the wedding photographer in Europe Max Burnashev… There are more than 400 wedding photosets in my experience and two times more photosets of other genres - portrait, family, love story. I have been living and breathing photography since 2009. And I keep learning and improving my level and skills all the time. As modern photography continues its development, I work on my development either. Geography where I can work is not only Ukraine – photosets in European countries bring me fresh emotions and always inspire me to create brilliant pictures. I sincerely believe that my job on your wedding or any other photoset is not only to click a camera but to help you be yourself – relax, feel natural and not be afraid of a camera. This helps you and me to get live and emotional photos. My high-skilled team consists of great professionals. If you are planning a big wedding with numerous guests, the team of photographers and videographers is ready to provide a high quality service to a couple and every guest. We can create the best memories of your day in the beautiful photos and video – and you will not have to wait for them too long.


Services And Prices

Фотограф Киев цены

We offer the photo and video services in Ukraine, and all destinations in Europe Union for the best price. We don`t include the "brand-name" in our prices. It`s a real and adequate price. Obviously, the good photographer or videographer’s service can`t be low-cost. It includes the working time, skills and knowledge, equipment depreciation and development cost – everything that makes your photos and video so nice and special. We offer several options of the ready Wedding Packages including wedding photo and video, as well as opportunity to make up your own package of the services you need. If your wedding is unusual and originally-concepted, with a unique decoration or held in a beautiful location, I could offer a significant discount as I like everything picturesque, innovative and original.


We Can Do It  Very Fast !

Заказать фотографа на свадьбу Киев

Velocity means a lot nowadays. Modern people become successful if they are efficient and do their best as fast as possible. It refers to art as well, including photography art. Preview of the best and already edited photos will be available for you the next day after wedding! The rest of the photos and video will be ready in 3 weeks, irrespective to high-season. By agreement we can offer a SDE (Same Day Edition) video service – short wedding video is prepared for demonstration at the end of your wedding party. You don`t have to wait for 3 or more months to receive your wedding photos and video. We respect your time!


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I based in Kyiv, but also available everywhere in Europe and Ukraine. If  you want to contact me, drop a line and I`ll answer you as soon as I can.

Ukraine, all destinations in Europe

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